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Who Reads Our Paper?

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Why should every plain community business subscribe to the Plain Communities Business Exchange? We connect you with businesses run by Anabaptist people throughout the country and help you find the resources that your business needs. These businesses also have high values and are family oriented. Because your goals are similar, you will be able to benefit from others’ experiences.

Many of our readers are from the plain community. Some read the Plain Community Business Exchange to find quality products from honorable business suppliers. Others advertise their products, using our magazine to propel their business forward and support their family. Some look forward to reading our articles and stories, learning from those who have experienced the same things they are facing.

Subscribe today, and you will be included in the Plain Community Business Exchange audience!

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40 states

Industries we focus on:

  • Manufacturing
  • Woodworking Furniture
  • Metalworking & Powder coating
  • Industrial
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Wholesale & Retail sales
  • Farming community
  • Family and home services and supplies

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How can your business benefit from the 35,000+ copies we mail each month?

We offer a variety of ad sizes ranging from a full page to 1/16 of a page. We give a discount if your ad will be run for 3 months or more. Even if you decide to downsize the ad, you still receive the discount.

Is it worth the money to advertise? Absolutely! Give us a call today at 717-362-1118 to discuss how we can best promote your business through our advertisements.

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